Archive May' 2015

The lowest prices for root canal treatments in Europe


Romania has some of the lowest prices for dental treatments in the world and European patients come here to solve various dental problems. Root canal treatments, also known as endodontic treatments, are among the procedures that have a low price compared to other European countries. If you are interested in these types of treatments, our dentists in Bucharest can help you.

The lowest prices for surgical extractions in Europe


Romania is a well-known destination for dental tourism and prices here are lower than in other European countries, especially in western countries like Germany or France. Romania also has low prices for surgical extractions so if you are in need of removing a badly decayed tooth, our dentists in Bucharest can help you.

The lowest dental prices for implants in Europe


Romania is a popular destination for dental tourism abroad and one of the main reasons why people come to this east European country for dental treatments is that Romania has some of the lowest dental prices for implants in Europe. Compared to countries like France or Germany, where the same procedure is more expensive, the savings will most likely make the visitor want to spend more time in the country and visit Romania’s most beautiful places.

Dental and medical tourism over the last three years


People have always looked for the most affordable option for dental treatments abroad and other medical treatments. In recent years, Romania has established itself as a well-known and appreciated destination for dental and medical tourism. Patients who come here benefit from lower prices and high-quality medical and dental treatments. Over the last three years, the number of foreign patients coming to Romania has increased considerably and our dentists enjoy treating patients from all over the world.

Legal requirements for the sterilization of dental instruments


Dental clinics have to comply with strict requirements for the sterilization of dental instruments. According to their purpose, dental instruments can be more or less exposed to dangerous bacteria and microbes. Our dental clinics in Bucharest use internationally approved sterilization methods and our offices are equipped to observe the legal requirements. If you are interested in dental treatments abroad, Romania is your safest choice.